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How do I find the clinic at Ullevål Hospital? 

Answer: The clinic has two departments at Ullevål Hospital.

We are on the 2nd floor above the pharmacy and Espresso House (building 73) and the lower floor of the patient hotel (building 10, by the Women's Clinic).


Do you offer free parking? 


Answer: Yes, we offer up to 3 hours of free parking. The license plate on the car must be registered on the machine at the clinic's reception.  


Is the clinic for everyone? 


Answer: Yes, everyone is welcome here. 


How can I get a VAT exemption on electrolysis treatment?


Answer: By obtaining a doctor's certificate, you will have the opportunity to apply to HELFO for support during treatment and VAT exemption at the clinic when paying. 


How long must the hairs be for electrolysis treatment?

Answer: The hairs must have come out of the hair follicle so that it is possible to take them out during treatment. Do not shave on the same day you are due for treatment. 


Does electrolysis work on both light and dark hair?


Answer: YES


When can one expect to see results after being treated by electrolysis?


Answer: This is completely individual, the result comes gradually as you have to be treated weekly. 


Is it painful to take electrolysis treatment?


Answer: The treatment is not painless, you may feel a small sting of warmth. The pain is short-lived and also depends on the area being treated.

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