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The clinic has a skin and electrolysis therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, foot reflexology therapist and nutritionist, five chiropractors and two podiatrists. We have a good collaboration which means that we get good results on all types of treatments. We also have many years of experience and a good energy in the clinic.


The treatment carried out by chiropractor Therese Aarsæther, Sara Nordanger, Espen Aag Holth and Christine Grevle Iveland are specially adapted to each individual patient. We help you if you have pain in the musculoskeletal system, and we have a particularly high level of expertise in back and neck pain.

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Trude Løvlien has wide experience, she has practiced as a foot reflexologist since 1999 and is both a reflexologist, homeopath NAN/MNHL and acupuncturist NAFO. She has a five-year degree from the Norwegian Academy of Naturopathy which includes medical subjects, homeopathy, foot reflexology, ear acupuncture and herbal medicine, a 3.5-year degree from the Acupuncture College and a bachelor's degree in Nutrition.

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Telephone: 452 58 481


"Your body your health" is run by enthusiastic therapists who are passionate about their profession. We focus on your needs, whether you come for a massage or therapy. Our therapists are publicly approved and members of the Norwegian Massage Association.

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The podiatrists at Ullevål Hospital

We have a clinic in u.etg. in Pasienthotellet, building 10. This is located along what is called Østregate, inside the hospital area.

We treat inpatients at the hospital and other local hospitals. Employees within OUS and others as needed. 

Contact us on tel. 921 46 688/900 88 884.

We can be reached by email: foot

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